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DELL Dell Networking X1018 Switch Excelente usabilidad y control.

Dell Networking X1018 Switch

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Dell Networking X1018 Switch
Dell Networking X1018 Switch
Dell Networking X1018 Switch
Dell Networking X1018 Switch

Dell Networking X1018 Switch

Número De Modelo: 9058240
Excelente usabilidad y control.
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Categorías: Networking
Fabricante: DELL
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Administre fácilmente su red de oficinas con conmutadores 1GbE y 10GbE que ofrecen funciones de clase empresarial y administración intuitiva basada en GUI. Lifetime Limited Hardware Warranty with Basic Hardware Service Next Business Day Parts Only

Port attributes:

Supports Virtual Cable Diagnostics by Marvell™ and fiber transceiver diagnostics to provide advanced troubleshooting capabilities for your cable infrastructure

Integrated LEDs for improved visual monitoring and analysis


MAC addresses: 16K

Packet buffer memory: 1 Mb


Supports up to 4096 port-based VLANs. Honors all 4096 VLAN tags.

Quality of service:

Honor 802.1p values and honor IP DSCP values

Supports strict priority and configurable weighted round robin (WRR) scheduling across queues

Link aggregation:

Industry-standard link aggregation adhering to IEEE 802.3ad standards (static and dynamic, LACP)

Supports 12 link aggregation groups and up to 4 ports per group


Local password and restricted IP addresses for secure access to the switch Port mirroring provides the capability of mirroring 8 source ports and VLAN mirroring to improve network traffic monitoring and troubleshooting.

Internal DHCP Server

DHCP client support allows for simplified IP address assignment when used with a DHCP server

Switch software can be easily uploaded to the switch through the web-management interface

Configurations can be easily uploaded to and from the switch through the intuitive web-management interface

Port statistics available through industry-standard RMON

Switch is factory-configured as an unmanaged switch, but can be easily configured as a web-managed switch with the push of a button

Jumbo frame support for packets up to 9,000 bytes

Broadcast storm control to help eliminate network traffic storms

Environmental operating conditions:

100% Lead-free

Operating temperature: 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)

Storage temperature: -20º C to 70º C (-4º F to 158º F)

Operating relative humidity: 10% to 90% noncondensing

Standards and additional features supported:

IEEE 802.3ac — VLAN tagging

IEEE 802.3ad — Link aggregation with static LAG support

IEEE 802.1W — Rapid Spanning Tree (1)

IEEE 802.1D — Spanning Tree (1)

IEEE 802.1Q — Port-based VLANs

IEEE 802.1v — Protocol-based VLANs

IEEE 802.1p — Ethernet priority with user provisioning and mapping

IEEE 802.1X — Port authentication

IEEE 802.3x — Flow control

RFC 826 — ARP

RFC 854 — Telnet

RFC 855 — Telnet option

RFC 1155 — SMIv1

RFC 1157 — SNMP

RFC 1213 — MIB II — Updated by RFC’s 2011, 2012 and 2013

RFC 2579 — Textual conventions for SMI v2

RFC 2580 — Conformance statements for SMI v2

RFC 2819 — RMON

RFC 3164 — BSD Syslog Protocol

RFC 3416 — Management Information Base (MIB) for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) (December 2002)

RFC 768 — UDP

RFC 783 — TFTP

RFC 791 — IP

RFC 792 — ICMP

RFC 793 — TCP


RFC 1533 — Including 1534, Interoperation between BOOTP and DHCP

DHCP server

RFC 2131 — Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

RFC 2132 — DHCP options and BOOTP vendor extensions

RFC 950 — Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure

RFC 1123 — Requirements for internet hosts

RFC 1042 — A standards for transmission of IP datagrams over IEEE 802 networks

RFC 1071 — Computing the internet checksum

IGMPv2 snooping

MLD snooping


GMP snooping

Jumbo frames

IPv6 support

IPv4 and IPv6 Static routing

USB support for update of firmware/configuration

Auto-update of firmware and configuration, from TFTP server/USB

Console port

Authentication via TACACS+ server

Port security

Dynamic ARP Inspection

DHCP Snooping

SHCP Relay


Voice VLAN

Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)

Multiple Spanning Tree (MSTP)


sFlow V5

Port Profile (built-in scripts)

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